Thank you

To visitors and friends of this website - 


I want to thank all of you who have wondered onto this page to check me out during my recent race for Ohio House of Representatives - District 47. It’s been a pleasure to present my platform and ideas to all of you here. As the race is over and I am not in that seat, this website will be paused. I will still be involved in the local causes I care about. Feel free to  follow my activities on either my personal Facebook page - Nancy Larson, or my public Facebook page - Nancy Larson for Ohio.


I had a media tab on this website that stored the recordings of Facebook Live interviews. Those will be now be available for viewing on my YouTube channel. I plan to continue doing the Facebook Live platform in the new year. It will be a forum to share my opinions/facts on how the sitting rep is doing, as he attempts to represent the 47th district. I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about that! 


Thanks again for your interest, and your support. We will see what the district lines look like when they are redrawn using the 2020 census data. Perhaps this site will be up and running again in the future. In the meantime - 


Demand Democracy! 

Nancy Larson

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