About Nancy

Nancy has worked consistently since she was 17 years old in a variety of jobs and understands the struggles inherent in working for a living and supporting a family.


She believes in worker’s rights and in an economic structure that does not allow companies to chew people up and spit them out for excessive profits. She took part in a vote to unionize while working at a CMHC (Community Mental Health Center) and saw firsthand the benefits that come to workers who are unionized. It was a pivotal point in her understanding, and she has been committed to the right to collective bargaining and equal pay for all ever since.

One long-held job was in criminal justice where she provided rehabilitative services to felons on probation in Lucas County. Another focus of her career has been in healthcare, working in the field of dialysis and hospice. She’s also been a small-business owner, as she and a colleague had a practice in the Sylvania area. Social workers are trained to see how policy decisions impact people’s lives. Instead of continuing to help her clients/patients deal with the fallout of failed policy, she wants to bring her knowledge to bear on how to create better policy to improve the  health of all Ohioans. 

Most people now agree that receiving healthcare is a basic human right. We’ve seen up close and personal how our present system has failed people, especially as we’ve tried to respond to a global pandemic. Our communities need support. Support should be given at the same time that systemic reforms are being sought. Having worked with a wide variety of populations throughout her career — geriatrics, adolescents, survivors of abuse, perpetrators of abuse, dialysis patients, families saying goodbye to loved ones, couples, families struggling with addiction, and LGBTQ concerns — she understands what resources people need from their government to live productive lives. In her advocacy for others throughout her career, she understands that persistence is needed until the desired ends are achieved. 

Nancy in 2013 in Washington, D.C., lobbying on behalf of dialysis patients

Nancy is very concerned with how climate chaos is affecting our well-being on this planet. Communities should be able to have a say regarding activities that damage their air, land, and water quality. Ballot initiatives offer a way to seek protection from those who profit from planetary destruction, especially when legislators and regulatory agencies refuse to do their jobs. She supports the Lake Erie Bill of Rights and the Rights of Nature movement. Addressing systemic racism as a public-health crisis would be one goal of her work in Columbus.

Nancy is a strong advocate for women’s rights in all spheres of life, including supporting a woman's right to reproductive choice. She wants full equality and the economic, legal, and educational advancement of women’s rights. This is baked into who she is as a person, and what she has spent her career up to now pursuing. As a member of the League of Women Voters, she has worked with that organization to deliver on the as-yet-unfulfilled promise of its founders some 100 years. Our democracy and the rule of law is under attack and until women have full participation in the halls of power, that attack is not likely to stop.

Raising her two wonderful children was a huge pleasure and Nancy was their most ardent fan. She took their education very seriously, given the importance of schooling in her own life. That is why she believes that delivering on the promise of a good public education for all is a necessity. Otherwise, we will not have adults who have the skills they need to prosper in the world, or citizens who can act to participate in and protect the freedoms we all stand poised to lose. Children and families should feel safe and empowered. Keeping weapons out of schools and advocating for background checks on all gun sales is something she demands. 

On these and many other issues, what you can expect from Nancy is common sense. She will utilize research to inform her understanding, with an emphasis on representing the best interests of the many, not the select few. She will bring compassion for people’s struggles, empathy and a problem-solving mentality to her work at the statehouse. Government can and should be used to assist people in living a good life, and to achieve the promise of that good life in Ohio. The needs of her community and those of Ohioans at large will continue to be her priority, as she seeks to serve the public good as the next Ohio State Representative for District 47. 


All the voters who stay home because there’s
‘no difference between the parties...’
we need to make them see the difference.

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