Democracy for the Many

As District 47’s representative, I will fight to protect and expand our democracy.

Nancy believes that In a democracy, those eligible to vote should have easy access to do so. For elections to be fair, our votes have to matter. Many are satisfied with how our state government functions. Yet, most of us also recognize that gerrymandering, by either party, gets in the way of all voters being fairly represented in Columbus.  To ensure a healthy democracy, Nancy will

  • Fight to assure fair, nonpartisan drawing of districts following the 2020 census

  • Advocate for automatic voter registration, mail-in ballots, and other measures to expand voter registration and participation.

  • Maintain the rights of citizens to place initiatives and referendums on the state ballot.

The Larson campaign stands with the League of Women Voters (LWV) who have worked for 100 years to ensure we create and maintain a living democracy. 

Election Day
The Impact of Partisan Gerrymandering

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