Healthcare for All

As District 47’s representative, I will work to guarantee healthcare to all Ohioans, as a right — not a privilege.

Nancy believes that healthcare is a basic human right. As such, every Ohioan deserves quality affordable healthcare. Though this is best solved at the federal level, there is much that can be done at the state level to tackle people’s fear of going bankrupt due to medical bills. She also knows that out-of-control drug prices need to be regulated so all people can get the treatment they need, without having to sacrifice putting food on the table. In the short term, we must:

  • Ban surprise billing

  • Provide healthcare to people who can’t afford it 

  • Increase availability of mental health and addictions treatment 

  • Reward wellness and healthy behavior

  • Control runaway drug prices

We can provide all Ohioans with high-quality, universal care and save $25 billion dollars over the next decade. While in the Ohio Statehouse I intend to co-sponsor the Ohio Medicare for All bill, HB 292, and fight for its passage.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Universal Health Care: The Affordable Dream

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Take a second to listen as Nancy breaks down why she supports healthcare for all, increasing availability for those who need addiction services, and why controlling drug costs is key for communities at risk.

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