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Medicare For All

As District 47's representative, I will work to guarantee healthcare to all Ohioans, as a right - not a privilege.

43,000 Americans die each year because they do not have healthcare. Countless others declare bankruptcy due to medical bills that are unaffordable, despite having health insurance and "access" to healthcare. Our profit driven healthcare industry is to blame, as it puts profit over the true welfare of our citizens.  We deserve healthcare as a human right, and we will be victimized by our current system until we have universal healthcare. Those who are working towards an expanded and improved Medicare for All system understand what all other developed countries already know. My hope is that Ohio can lead the way in advocating and instituting a system that will save us money while insuring all Ohioans.We know other countries do this, and benefit with better health outcomes for their people. We can do this, too.

On a personal note: I tried to get an FMLA leave to care for my sister, who was on hospice. Failing that, I quit my  job to help attend her until she passed. Since I no longer had health insurance through an employer, I went on coverage provided through the Obamacare exchange. Though it is a good stop gap, the costs annually are still prohibitive for many Americans. The only way to control costs, insure everyone, and improve our health outcomes is with an improved and expanded Medicare for All program.

We can provide all Ohioans with high-quality, universal care and save $25 billion dollars over the next decade. and that is why on day one in the Ohio state house I will co-sponor the Ohio Health Care Plan, Act H.B. 440 and fight for its passage.