Guaranteeing Healthcare
for All

We can provide all Ohioans with high-quality, universal care and save $25 billion dollars over the next decade.

Protecting Democracy
in Ohio

We will work to end gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the influence of money on politics. 

Our Environment and People

We will fight to protect our environment. Clean air, water, and a sustainable ecosystem is vital for a healthy future. 

a Good Education
to All Ohioans

We recognize the value of our children and will nurture their development with the best education possible.

for the Many,
Not the Few

We must demand a living wage for all Ohioans, respect collective bargaining, and create a predictable path to success for all workers.

Reproductive Healthcare

We must respect each individual's right to make their own decisions and maintain reproductive freedom for all.

 Paid for by Friends Of Nancy Larson | Terry Lodge, Treasurer | 11011 Frankfort Rd., Holland, OH, 43528

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