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Letter to the Editor: Larson for state house

Nancy Larson is giving voters like me, residents of Ohio House District 47, an option for different representation on Nov. 3. She raised her children here and worked a career helping people in health care, advocating for women and children. She wants to work for clean water and a clean Lake Erie. Nancy is the candidate endorsed by educators in both the Ohio Federation of Teachers and the Ohio Education Association.

A recent online ad, paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, referred to Nancy as “radical, an anarchist’s dream,” an “extremist, hero for violence,” “socialist, warrior for disaster,” and a “fanatic, bringing an end to Ohio’s tomorrow.” Not even close.

If you knew Nancy and her policies this ad would make you, like it did me, almost laugh out loud. The laughing turns to frustration, however, with the level of nonsensical rhetoric attempting to label Nancy in ways that don’t describe her or her politics.

Let’s all be smarter than falling for ads like this. Let’s be informed voters who read up on a candidate’s policies and intelligently decide and vote for the person who represents our values instead of using or believing smear ad campaigns. Her values and work ethic represent a welcomed change of pace for the Ohio House and District 47.



Originally published in Toledo Blade.

 Paid for by Friends Of Nancy Larson | Terry Lodge, Treasurer | 11011 Frankfort Rd., Holland, OH, 43528

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