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Letter to the Editor: Merrin spreads lies

No, he didn’t hold a Trumpian rally in Sylvania (in fact, we never see him here), but during this pandemic election season, our Ohio House representative, Derek Merrin, has been spreading blatantly false information and harmful policies around the state.

Last May, he was one of the Republican representatives who was very vocal in his support for an amendment to limit the authority of the Ohio Department of Health to issue stay-at-home and closure orders lasting more than 14 days.

Across the country, orders like these were, of course, what kept our health-care system from becoming overloaded and saved thousands of lives during April and May.

Now, at a time when Ohio’s coronavirus case rates are breaking records, this same representative sends out a postcard saying he’s fighting for Sylvania Schools. The card says he wants our children to return to school like normal, yet Mr. Merrin has voted for policies that boost the spread of the virus, making a return to normal school dangerous.

The card says he wants fair funding for our schools, but Merrin supports vouchers for private schools, not increased funding for public schools. The card says he supports safety in schools, yet he supported arming teachers with guns without providing training for them.

Please don’t be fooled by the “stuff” Derek Merrin spreads around our state.

Let’s vote this super spreader out of office. Nancy Larson will give us the integrity we deserve.


Sylvania Township

Originally published in Toledo Blade.