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Letter to the Editor: Vote Larson for state house

Why would someone from Wood County support a candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives, District 47?

Here’s my case for Nancy Larson, of Sylvania: We are in dire need of balance in our Statehouse. For far too long, one party has held a super majority — a two-thirds majority — creating a one-party system that is not representative of Ohio voters.

As we know, when one party has a fat majority, thanks in large part to the gerrymandering of districts, things can get out of hand. Ohio’s biggest political scandal came to light July 21 when FBI agents stormed the farm of Larry Householder, speaker of the House, arresting him and four other Republican operatives in a $60 million sweetheart deal involving FirstEnergy.

A good chunk of that money allegedly was given to his fellow Republicans for their re-election campaigns.

And the cherry on top of this sundae? The good Mr. Householder sat on the legislative ethics committee.

Nancy Larson is a retired social worker and the endorsed Democrat for District 47.

Ms. Larson’s skills were honed over a 30-year-career working with people in the most challenging times of their lives, from medical and hospice situations to those who were imprisoned. She will work with members of both parties for the betterment of all.

Smart, empathetic, and tough, she brings honesty and, most importantly, some balance to a body politic that sorely needs it.



Originally published in Toledo Blade.

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