• Nancy Larson

Letter to the Editor: Women’s health ignored

I’m outraged by the direction our state legislature has taken regarding the health of Ohio women.

The recent passage of the six-week abortion ban (with no exceptions for rape or incest victims) runs counter to the wishes of 80 percent of the public.

I respect the religious values of those opposed to abortion, having been raised Catholic myself. But our founders understood that our country needed to have separation of church and state in order to function for the good of all of our citizens, many of whom are agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Bahai, Buddhist — you get the idea.

Included in that 80 percent of dissenters are many devout Christians and Catholics who don’t agree that an abortion is immoral. We need to remember that a specific religious tenet has no place dictating what happens at the statehouse.

This is supposed to be a democracy. Vote these people out, folks, for they do not act on either of these facts.



Originally published in Toledo Blade

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