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Nancy Larson addresses dishonest Derek Merrin mailer

This week, a mail piece hit homes in the 47th District of Ohio. It was designed to mislead voters into thinking Ohio Rep. Derek Merrin is pro-education and endorsed by three local school districts.

His opponent, Nancy Larson, held a press conference to discuss this issue on the sidewalk in front of Whiteford Elementary. She was joined by retired school teachers and supporters.

Merrin went so far as to use the school’s logos without permission—something which has raised enough confusion that two of the districts have been forced to disown it in writing to their communities.

In one case, the district’s logos are trademarked.

The pieces also misleads voters about his voting record on education funding and his overall record on support for Ohio’s children. One of his first acts as a legislator was to interfere with lead-poisoning laws designed to protect children in Ohio.

Nancy Larson is endorsed by the Ohio Education Association, the Ohio Federation of Teachers, the Ohio Association of Public School Employees and the Toledo Federation of Teachers.

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