Reproductive Rights

As District 47’s representative, I will fight to protect the reproductive rights and against attempts to dismantle them.

Nancy believes that the decision of if, when and how to have a child is deeply personal. Many people have strongly held religious beliefs on how they define sanctity in human life. The majority of us believe that using our own conscience to guide us in how we live out that value is an important freedom. It has been guaranteed to us now for almost 50 years. In the state house, I Nancy Larson will fight to make sure that;

  • An individual’s reproducive decisions are theirs to make, and is between them, their family, and their doctor - not the state. 

  • Economic security is difficult for many to achieve without reproductive freedom; women and families in our district deserve that security.

  • Birth control and medically accurate information/education is vitally important to creating healthy sexual relationships.

Nancy believes we are best served by remembering that people have always exercised their free will in these matters. Our laws should continue to reflect the will of that majority. 

At the Pharmacy
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