We Need You!


We're running a campaign powered by small-dollar donations. Donate now to help us build an Ohio that works for everyone, not just the powerful few. Together, we will pass healthcare for all, create good-paying jobs, protect our environment, and make life more livable for Ohioans.

Phone Banking

Reaching out to voters directly has always been at the core of every successful campaign. Even with social distancing, we can use technology to call voters from our own homes. Click to sign up for one or more shifts as we reach out to voters in the district to have a conversation, or just leave a heartfelt voicemail message. You will need an internet connection and computer or smart phone at your home. 


Regular shifts are Sunday (noon-2), Tuesday (5-7), Wednesday (3-5) and Thursday (5-7), but you can also call on your own schedule once you’ve been trained on the phone bank program.

No-Knock Canvassing

“Lit drop” (dropping off candidate literature) has always been a great way to get out and about in the district. With Covid, we can’t knock on doors anymore, but we can still drop off the candidate literature at peoples’ homes and let voters know that we’re committed to reaching them.

And it’s also a great way to get your steps! We do ask that you bring a smart phone.


Regular shifts are Saturday (11-3), Sunday (12-3), Monday (4:30-7), and Wednesday (4:30-7). Once you’re comfortable with the smart phone app and have picked up lit, you can also walk turfs at the times that work best for you.


We're running a grassroots campaign. In addition to phone banking and no-contact canvassing (lit drop), our campaign may have other needs, or you may have other abilities to offer. We want to involve everyone possible. You can sign up to volunteer here and someone will contact you about how you can get involved!  


In the age of Covid, attending events isn't easy, which is why we are going online! If you want to help spread the word about Nancy and help to build our base, please consider hosting an online House Party or tuning in during a Facebook Live event. We'd love to hear from you.


Showing your support happens in many ways. Not everyone can donate or volunteer. We wanted to make sure that anyone who wants to support us has the opportunity to do so. If you'd like a free sign, fill out this form and we'll bring one to you!


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